Unibap is an AI SME company listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market certified with EU “Trusted AI”. The company provides industrial and space AI software and hardware solutions and has products in space since 2016 and deployed large scale industrial automation solutions since 2019. Unibap has several ongoing ESA projects relating to SpaceCloud business development and in-orbit validation and have a rapidly increasing number of customers and partners for on-board data processing. The full SpaceCloud iX5-system has been successfully launched on two ION missions with D-Orbit (June of 2021 and January 2022), and are currently being explored onorbit, thus far with 100% success rate. The iX5-system is used in the NASA HyTI (Hyperspectral Thermal Imager) mission planned for launch end of 2022. It will also be delivered for a scientific mission with Simera Sence and SPIRE during 2022.